Any 3W 170 owners around?

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Re: Any 3W 170 owners around?

Postby Joe Hunt » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:40 pm

dunny wrote:What are your expectations for the Tilitson carb Joe- are we looking at better mid range and transition compared to the Walbro?

Just that it not leak, which it didn't. :) I got the Walbro to stop leaking before I switched to the Tillotson. The Walbro made good power and had good midrange, too. The Tillotson mid range is a bit better and the engine is making a lot more power, but I believe that is only because the engine is starting to break in (it has 6 gallons through it now), and I'm starting to lean it out. Both carbs work fine, the Tillotson is a better carb, though, imo.
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